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TECO Electronics AS specializes in retrofitting  Marine Automation Systems. Typically Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems (IAMCS)

We implement existing functions to a new platform enabling enhanced functionality, increased maintainability at reduced cost. TECO has extensive experience in replacing older generations of  IAMCS systems from makers like Norcontrol/Kongsberg, Autronica, Lyngsö, ABB, Siemens amongst others.

Gaining in depth knowledge of customers’ needs is crucial for a successful refit. Site survey, communication with crew and superintendent forms the basis of our system layout for optimal performance. Normally estimated time for a site survey is one day.

TECO is the representative of well known German manufacturer NORIS in the Nordic countries.

We offer complete IAMCS systems with integration or supply of Level Gauging Systems, Power Management, Valve Control etc.  

Site Survey, Installation and commissioning by TECO. 

Act now and replace your old WECS 2000

Let us replace the old system by a simple design with only one touchscreen display, one I/O-block and one independent safety system - SIMPLE, FAST, STRAIGHTFORWARD


by TECO DMA-03

TECO Dead-Man Alarm System is a stand alone system ready for easy and simple integration to any IAMCS by Binary Inputs & outputs.

System is delivered pre-built in a small Rittal cabinet.

Start/Stop, Accept and Bridge units to be scaled according to application. Easy installation allows customer to organize locally.  



TECO specializes in custom Valve Control and Monitoring systems, highly flexible solutions for cost efficient, safe and user-friendly applications. We can offer turn-key solutions from basic Monitoring to full scale Remote Control, from retrofits to new projects, transition from manual to automated operation.

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products, services or repairs.

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