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Quality Policy


Our mission is to help our customers optimise their installation, repair and maintenance concept.

- TECO, as a contractor, aims to be a valuable contributor to its customer’s vessels operations ensuring a better      turnaround and less downtime for their operative fleet.


STATEMENT: Quality Without Compromise

We, at TECO, commit to providing quality without compromise and the best possible service to our clients by assuring:


- Safety focus,

- Qualified personnel,

- Quality performance,

- Ethical behaviour,

- Delivery of our services on time, on budget and at the agreed upon quality.

- Constant evaluation and improvement of our operations with the use of our quality system which is based on      ISO 9001:2015 standards


We commit to:


- Comply with all the targets and objectives set out by our quality management system of continuous                      improvement in all aspect.

- Meet our clients’ demands by identifying, implementing and monitoring their needs.

- Prioritise safety on every project and ensure our crew and equipment comply with required safety regulations,    our own safety standards and those of our clients.

- Streamline the repair and maintenance programs of our client’s vessels ensuring lower operating costs and a      better return on their fleet.

- Maintain a highly skilled, qualified and motivated workforce and provide them with a healthy and inspiring          work environment.  


This policy is reviewed annually, as part of the quality management review programme, or as required to recognise the changing needs and expectations of relevant interested parties or the risks and opportunities identified by the risk management process.



We are committed to the Quality Policy and true implementation across all levels of our Organization. We encourage the employees to embrace quality as their personal commitment.

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