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Our Services and Products

TECO Electronics AS is a company based on highly skilled service engineers in the field of maritime electronics and automation. Now with 30 years of experience it gives us unique knowledge of a wide range of products and services to the Marine & Offshore market.

Electronics Repair

PCB-unit backboard.jpg

TECO Electronics AS is specialized in repairing printed circuit boards (PCB). We repair and recondition equipment from most international manufacturers. Old existing automation systems often suffer from lack of spare parts and knowhow from the manufacturer. 

Calibration & Test Equipment

TECO TBS1_2 Basic Suitcase - PNG.png

Helping our customers to comply with the E0 regulations within SOLAS, we offer complete kits of certified test equipment.

We have several standardised suitcases, ranging from small basic E0 kits to large and fully customizable kits.


Ships outside Singapore.jpg

TECO Electronics AS specializes in retrofitting Marine Automation Systems. Typically Integrated Alarm Monitoring & Control Systems (IAMCS) We implement existing functions to a new platform enabling enhanced functionality, increased maintainability at reduced cost. 



TECO Electronics AS 29 years of experience adds value when choosing automation systems to your Newbuild or with upgrades/refit.

Our strong partnership with Noris-Group GmbH strengthens the portfolio of systems we can offer and makes Teco Electronics a preferred system integrator.  

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products, services or repairs.

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