Marine Calibration & Test Equipment

TECO Electronics AS have supplied calibration- and test equipment to the marine industry for more than 20 years.

Helping our customers to comply with the E0 regulations within SOLAS, we offer complete kits of certified test equipment.

We have several standardised suitcases, ranging from small basic E0 kits to large and fully customizable kits.

Our Instruments

Calibration is performed in-house prior to delivery, ensuring that all instruments in our kits are certified for the maximum, and identical period of time. We provide instruments from a wide range of manufacturers, and with our expertise we will help you find the most suitable solution for your vessel or fleet.

Service & Repair

TECO Electronics AS perform calibration services for most types of marine test equipment. Our certificates are traceable to national and international standards.


We offer fleet agreements and many of our customers use our rotation service to ensure that all their vessels always carry certified test equipment at all times.

Highly experienced technicians offer in-house certification, service and repair of test equipment.


Separate spare- and replacement parts are available to minimize cost of service. Replacement of instruments will first be offered when repair is no longer profitable.    


For our TBS2 basic E0 calibration kit we can offer 2-year calibration interval, which greatly reduces costs related to shore service and recalibration.

Basic E0 Calibration Suitcase
with 1-year calibration interval
Basic E0 Calibration Suitcase
with 2-year calibration interval
TECO TBS2 with Hydraulic Option
Basic E0 Calibration Suitcase
with Hydraulic Option
Gas- & Alcotest suitcase
Customizable E0 Calibration- & Test Equipment suitcase (medium)
Customizable E0 Calibration- & Test Equipment suitcase (large)

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our Calibration & Test Equipment products, services or repairs.

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