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Electronics Repair

TECO Electronics AS is in the unique position of providing highly skilled service engineers working on site. They are all trained for offshore operations and equipped with a selection of electronics spares to tackle the basic on site repair. For specific services we aim to bring along targeted spares based on our 25 years’ experience in the field of electronics. 

PCB Repair

- Printed Circuit Boards Repair.

TECO Electronics AS is specialized in repairing printed circuit boards (PCB). We repair and recondition equipment from most international manufacturers. Old existing automation systems often suffer from lack of spare parts and knowhow from the manufacturer. 

Our service engineers have many years of experience in troubleshooting and performing service on these systems world wide. 

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We have a wide range of old and obsolete components, ready to serve your electronics. Below is a small selection of examples.


Alfa Laval and Westfalia Controllers

One of the most repetitive jobs in our workshop is recondition of separator controllers. 

A complete test is performed after each repair for quality control.

Rolls Royce Marine Controller

TECO Electronics AS has for the last years received more than 350 of these units for repair. Leading up to excellent service records of Marine Controllers from Rolls-Royce.

NorControl DC and AC systems

NorControl is one of the most sold Alarm & Monitoring, and Remote control maker worldwide. We have for many years serviced these systems at our workshop and on board.

Spare parts upon request.


TECO Electronics AS has many years’ experience performing repair and total overhaul of ME alarm systems. Existing systems can usually be maintained at relatively low cost, even if the supply of spare parts from manufacture is limited, or even obsolete.

ABB Advant Controller

ABB Advant Controllers are 

installed on a large fleet. With an increasing demand of maintenance we service these units on regular basis.

Request for obsolete units like 31 07AC91 has increased.  

Scana Moland MACON

One of the preferred Alarm and Monitoring systems during the -80s and -90s on the Norwegian marked.

Noris N1000

Noris Automation GmbH has delivered Alarm and Monitoring since 1966. In 1980 came N1000, and proved their quality through many installations. We are proud to be the partner of Noris in Scandinavia.

HMI Panels

Touch based screens are used in many applications. 

 Typical Cabin panels in IAMCS, information displays in Engine Room, Engine Control Room as well as in CCR and Bridge.

Kongsberg RMP400

RMP400 are installed in large numbers world wide. We have seen an increase in requests for repair and offer recondition with fixed prices.

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