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TECO Electronics AS 29 year’s On board service and PCB service. Our competence is not specific to one maker. We see the system integration as one solution. And do our very best to solve the problem at one journey. That is your benefit.

Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our products, services or repairs.

Commercial Ships and Offshore Rigs

29 years ago it all started with two guys bicycling in the ports of Porsgrunn, Norway. Shouting on board whether they had any problems with the electronics. This was the early start of our fine company.

Since then we have grown to become a well respected company within marine electronics and automation.

The focus has always been, and still is, to provide the best service world wide for ship automation systems.

TECO Electronics AS is in the unique position of providing highly skilled service engineers working on site.

They are all trained for offshore operations and equipped with a selection of electronics spares to tackle the basic on site repair.

For specific services we aim to bring along targeted spares based on our 25 years’ experience in the field of electronics. With highly advanced diagnostic tools we can pinpoint the problem in a larger system, this even in obsolete and poorly documented automation systems.

Local Service

Use the opportunity to save time and money, do your service in our backyard.
Located in the heart of east-cost Norway, we cover the area from Oslo to Kristiansand within a short driving distance.

With our well equipped service workshop close by, most electronics can be repaired before vessel leaving port. During our 29+ years of operation we have established a close network to different service providers, allowing us to extend our business.

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